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Men are like children, they never seem to grow up, when they reach adulthood discipline is lacking, my husband is like most men, he can't help to act like an irresponsible child, but when he acts like a brat, discipline is administered to correct his bad behaviour, in our house discipline is severe, serious offenses will get him a severe punishment session with the dreaded cane, he must keep his position during punishment or endure hard kicks to his shins with my heavy wooden sandals.


I'm a happily married dominant woman, who rules her house by means of severely disciplining my beloved one.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A hard caning lesson:

One of the most important aspects of a punishment session is that it has to be carried out when there is no anger anymore, that is the main reason I delay his punishment for a later date, it is an arrangement that works very well, the days prior to his session he has to suffer in anticipation because he knows that I will be severe, there's no doubt in his mind that I will be as strict with him as I can and that the punishment will be hard to take.

I am a very sweet and loving woman but I take punishment sessions very seriously, he knows this and he has told me that he dreads them and is very nervous when the time comes.

Playful discipline can be painful but can also be enjoyable, he loves it and enjoys it immensely just as much as I do, and we indulge in it when we feel horny, it is like tabasco sauce to our lovemaking sessions, I am playful, sweet, and loving and occasionaly severe in a playful way.

Punishing a man that enjoys discipline can be tricky, so I made very clear from the very beginning that punishment was going to be carried out in a very serious and real way, I would be a very strict and severe disciplinarienne, he was not going to have the benefit of a safe word, I would be the judge as to how severely and for how long he would be punished, he just had to be very obedient and expect additional punishment for not submiting willingly to his punishment.
That meant that he had to assume the position immediately after I ordered him, and there would be no leniency for moving around, dancing or lifting his legs during a caning.
The penalty for such offenses was receiving additional cuts of the cane or being kicked in his shins with my hard wooden sandals to force him to keep his position.
He always has a very hard time to avoid lifting his legs during a severe caning, he says he can't help it because it hurts him so much.
Unfortunately for him I never show any leniency when he moves, it is punishment time and he has to obey no matter how hard it is for him to comply with my rules, I said no moving and he has to obey or get more punishment, period.

A couple of weeks ago he answered back at me in a very harsh way, I asked him something when he was busy doing some stuff, he has a tendency to do this because he doesn't like to be bothered when he is working on something, I've told him that he has to be more tolerant and answer me politely, still he reacts without thinking, this doesn't happen as often as earlier in our marriage but once in a while he just can't help to react in this way.
I consider this a very serious offense and I always sentence him to a hard caning with the raw hide cane,this cane is heavy and somewhat stiff but the last six inches from the tip down is very flexible and whippy, with a small round rock hard knot at the very tip.
It is my fiercest cane, even harder to take than a rattan cane, he is terrorized of it, and before I start he is already trembling, I love to swish a cane through the air, I do it because I like to hear the sound but also do it for the purpose of instilling fear in him, I love to watch him flinch when he hears the cane swishing close to his butt, it is a nice trick that helps making the caning more fearsome and severe.
My goal is to make him suffer during a punishment session so he learns his lesson well, swishing the cane increases his anguish as he expects the next stroke, his ass cheeks quiver and tremble in fear with occasional anguish moans, and it is a very good way to see if I'm getting my point across to him.

At about 6:30 p.m. while he was watching TV I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner in reality dinner was already prepared I just cleaned up a little and then went to our bedroom to change into a sexy airline stewardess outfit and a pair of eight inch high heel T-Strap sandals with four inch tall platforms, then took the camcorder, new tape and tripod out and went to the spare room that is designated as the punishment room to set the camcorder to record the session.
Next I took his black knit balaclava helmet and I went to our living room and told him to turn off the TV, undress completely, put his clothes on the sofa, put on the black knit balaclava helmet and follow me to the punishment room.
I took him by surprise, he was expecting to be called for dinner but instead it was going to be a friday night punishment, he was expecting a saturday night session though.

When we were at the punishment room everything was already set up and the camcorder running I told him to bend over the chair and I started caning him.
A cane stroke given cold is extremely painful, he started howling right away, this caning took almost eleven minutes, but they were eleven minutes of hell, he was howling brokenly, almost crying and sobbing, it was an intensely painful caning, he started moving around and lifting his feet, I was in a very strict mood so I threatened to cane the soles of his feet if he continued lifting his feet, he did it several times so I caned him in his tender soles, he howled piteously everytime, this is a most painful punishment, after I did this he really started to make a real effort not to move, he was suffering considerably more now.

All in all this one was one hell of a caning, after punishment was over I hold him in my arms and kissed him, all was forgiven.
I lead him to our bedroom to heal his wounds,the cane had cut him in a small area of his right cheek, during a punishment caning I always make sure some welts are cut and bleeding, the aftercare they need give me the opportunity to scold him a little bit more and also serve as a painful reminder for at least one or two days after the caning, on very severe canings of fifteen or more minutes the bleeding is more copious and sometimes blood keeps seeping for a little while and he has to lie on the bed on his stomach for at least twenty minutes until the bleeding stops.

I've included some video captures from the session, the left strip shows a sequence of a cane stroke, to the right in the uppermost frame I'm swishing the cane to make him flinch in anticipation, the three below show me caning the soles of his feet after lifting his legs.

Below is a link to a Rapid Share page where you can download a small clip of my husband getting this severe caning:

"A hard caning lesson video clip"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Informed: serious errors, deserved punishment!

4:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good! We inverior males must never forget our lower status in this life!

5:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

great post. I would love to follow you on twitter.

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooo my late wife used to have me dress up in her underware and then bend me over a stool and cane me until he was satisfied. Panties were always taken down. Any boy did she cane

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Leighanne_CD said...

I have to ask to get caned by my wife because I also serve as a sissy house maid for another woman that loves to cane me as punishment. I know my caning will leave marks so I need to ask my wife for a caning before I go to serve as a house maid. The woman I serve loves that I must ask for a caning by my wife first to hide or blend in her own caning welts. The next day my wife is always pleased with the marks on my ass that "she" gave me not knowing I was actually caned twice in the same 24 hour period.

4:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife has punished me with the cane for several years now and i have to take it on average once a week. The severity of the punishment depends on what i have done or not done as the case may be as she does not need much of an excuse to cane me. It is always excruciatingly painful but usually i know i deserve it and do my best to take it without too much fuss.I think it would do most men good to be caned by their wives i know she is in control and that it pleases her to see me suffer for her.

8:41 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I truly wish for my wife to cane me the way you describe. She has caned me a few times and I find it arousing before and after. During the cane I struggle and fight the pain (No arousal there). When it is over there is a feeling of lightness, clarity perhaps and certainly one of that being the end of that. However it is not regular and more at my request than her insistence. So in a way I understand how he can benefit from your caning and I am jealous. I know that if I were subject to that sort of discipline, I would at times question my own sanity but still that is what I want.

2:49 AM  

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