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Men are like children, they never seem to grow up, when they reach adulthood discipline is lacking, my husband is like most men, he can't help to act like an irresponsible child, but when he acts like a brat, discipline is administered to correct his bad behaviour, in our house discipline is severe, serious offenses will get him a severe punishment session with the dreaded cane, he must keep his position during punishment or endure hard kicks to his shins with my heavy wooden sandals.


I'm a happily married dominant woman, who rules her house by means of severely disciplining my beloved one.

Monday, August 04, 2008

After several months of inactivity due to health problems my hubby's disciplinary regime is back to normal, for his continuous women watching whenever we go out he had to endure a very severe 84 stroke caning with my vicious nylon cane.
The room was filled with his howls from pain, it was a terrible experience for him,and without a doubt a very harsh lesson very well learned!

This is a small clip of his severe punishment:"

Friday, September 22, 2006

It has been more than a month since my last posting, I didn't write any new posts because my husband was very well behaved all this time, I was so pissed that he constantly fails to call when he is going to be home late that I decided to withold any pleasurable discipline sessions for him.
He loves a caning after a nice warm up with my hand just before we make love, that of course requires that I'm in a good mood which I wasn't, it is very frustrating to have my demands fall on deaf ears, he rather suffer a hard caning than phoning me in front of his friends.
Last month's punishment session was very hard and its corrective effects lasted for more than a month whereas the physical effects are still lingering, my mother had told me in the past that when my granma kicked my uncles in the heels they suffered the effects for long periods of time, she did it wearing hard soled sandals but I did it wearing a very hard and heavy pair of wooden platform sandals and the effects were devastating, my husband has been getting off the bed with a sharp heel pain that makes him limp for several minutes every morning, the pain has been diminishing but it is still there.
When he needs a severe punishment session I always make sure he suffers, I cane him hard and kick his shins with no mercy to force him to mantain his position, this was the first time I kicked him in the heels so I didn't know exactly for how long he would suffer the effects of the kicks.
I don't want to cause long lasting harm to my husband so I will not kick him in the heels anymore, I never imagined that a kick in the heel would be so incapacitating, I would only use it for self defense, I believe kicking an attacker in the heel with my wooden platform sandal would render him unable to walk, much less run after me.

As I said at the beginning of this post his good behaviour lasted for a little more than a month but his temper betrayed him at the supermarket, I will post tonight the full details, some pictures and a videoclip of his punishment.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Mexican style punishment

Domestic punishments in Mexico as in most countries are varied and date to ancient times, but there are some that stand out and are were more frequently used, some of the most notable are:

Kneeling while holding a heavy rock in each hand with arms outstretched horizontaly by the sides.

Getting hit upide the head with the knuckles or the hard handle of a quirt.

Getting kicked in the legs and shins with a hard toed sandal or huarache.

Being whipped with a short two tailed disciplinary whip.

In Mexico domestic disciplinary punishment at home was carried out mainly by the mother as the father was away from home most of the day.
Contrary to what one may believe, mothers were particularly strict and severe, sometimes crossing the line of brutality

Back in the old days (1950s and earlier) mainly in the southeast states of Mexico, it was the norm that women stayed home taking care of the children while the man of the house went to work, it was hard labor in the fields and that meant they were absent from 4:00 a.m. in the morning up to almost 9:00 p.m. and even later.

Women had to deal with disciplining their sons, it was tough love because punishments were very severe, even brutal by today’s standards, mothers gained respect from their sons through fear.

Even a minor infraction could bring a severe punishment from her, that meant getting your lower legs kicked with her hard soled dance huarache sandals and getting a severe whipping with a disciplinary quirt.

My granma passed her quirt on to my mother but she never used it on any of us, later mom gave me the quirt as a present because she knew I liked it, she doesn’t know that my husband is now the recipient of its painful discipline.

Disciplinary quirts had a small handle because they were meant to be used by the small hands of a woman and would be really unconfortable to be used by a male.

My disciplinary quirt’s handle is just three inches long and tear drop shaped, that is the part of the handle that you hold in your hand and it is small, a five inch long shaft protrudes from the bulbous handle and it has a loop at the end where the leather thongs are afixed.

The handle is made of woven raw hide and is loaded to make it heavy so it can be used as a small club for hitting the head.
It was a common paternal practice to hit a boy in the head with the knuckles as a quick punishment, but mothers used the handle of the quirt for a similar punishment.
Sharp blows to the head could be applied using the flexible shaft as a very short whip or use it as a club to hit the head with the tear drop shaped handle.
The shaft was mostly used to whip the shoulder blades, arms and thighs producing deep and painful bruising while the handle was used to strike upside the head.

The usual punishment for getting home late or staying out later than you were allowed was a good kicking in the legs with the hard toed dance huaraches of your mother.

Dance huaraches were hard and stiff with a thick sole made of several layers of rock hard leather, women wore them for sunday dances held at the town main square.
This huarache sandals were made by artisans and sometimes they nailed a bunch of nails at the tip of the sole and back of the heel to act as tap plates, some of the nail heads protruded a little and when getting kicked in the chins it was easy to get hit with the underside of the sole while trying to avoid a kick causing the nail heads to tear the skin which was worse than a direct hit with the hard toe of the sandal.

Some time ago I acquired a beautiful pair of mexican platform huarache sandals for folk dance, these were very common back in the 1970s and mainly used at college or high school dances by the girls of the dance class to portray a modernized look of old time folk dance.

The cool thing about this type of dance shoes is that they were made of laminated wood that was glued together with a resin to make them harder and heavier to sound louder on concrete floors, as they were used to dance outdoors at the school concrete square and most folk dance is like european clog dances, there’s a lot of stomping and you need to make a lot of noise with your feet.

I knew this type of platform dance shoes were heavy and hard but I was surprised when I actually did hold them in my hands, they are quite heavy and the wood is very hard.
I put them on and walked a bit in them, the footbed is covered with thick orange leather tacked to the platform by large round head brass nails.
The cushioned footbed is very confortable and allows wearing them for long periods of time for dance practice, the sound they made with my every step was very loud, in fact louder than any of my other wooden sandals.

I like kicking since I can remember, maybe due to hearing about my grandma’s kicking punishments because my favorite spot for kicking is the shins, It gives me such a rush to wear a heavy pair of wood sandals, with them on my small size 36 feet can make a grown man squirm in pain.
I couldn’t wait to use them to give my hubby a good kicking, I always make sure that the punishment fits his crime, I had to wait for quite a while until he did something that was worthy of getting a good kicking.

This time I had everything necessary to give him a punishment in the old fashioned mexican way, I had a pair of hard toed dance huaraches a discipline quirt and getting ahold of two heavy rocks was no problem.
A few days ago my husband did one of the things that I hate the most, he very seldom calls when he is going to be late with his friends at the pool table or other places he uses to go with them.
I have no problem if he goes to drink a beer or two with them, but I want to know if he’s going to be home late, so I don’t worry unnecessarily, but sometimes he doesn’t call because his friends taunt him when they catch him calling to tell me he will be late.

I’ve told him to eat his pride because it is very important that I know where he is at and when he will be home, but I guess it is his macho pride that makes him not to call me and get punished instead of losing face with his friends.

A few days after his fault I did hold a mexican style punishment for my stubborn husband, I started with a good kicking to his legs followed by penance time on his knees holding an almost one pound rock in each hand while getting more quirt lashes and kicks to his butt plus a couple of exquisitely painful kicks to the underside of his heels, my granma used to do this to my uncles when they went to far away places without permission and came home late, it is incredibly painful and if the kicks are given hard it can be incapacitating because the heels are left so tender that the victim can barely walk.
I left him kneeling until he could no longer keep his arms outstreched, next it was time for him to bend over the chair for a good hard eight minute quirt whipping, afterwards he got more kneeling time while holding the rocks, then one more minute of quirt lashes bent over the chair and finally a last minute of kneeling time holding the heavy rocks.

A little while after the punishment my husband complained that my new sandals had hurt him terribly, even more than my 7 inch heel asian style clogs, which I use whenever I feel he needs a very painful kicking.
He is supposed to accept the punishment I give him and he must agree that the severity I employ varies accordingly with the seriousness of his offense.

I told him that his complaining was proof that he didn’t accept his fault fully and he would have to go back to the punishment room, I told him that not calling me when he was going to be late was a serious offense because I worried unnecessarily, furthermore he showed that he didn’t care about me or what I felt, and not accepting a painful punishment for it was a serious offense in itself so he was going to get an even more severe kicking for his total lack of respect for me.

He had already put his underwear on but there was no escape for him and I delivered a long eight minute kicking, I finished him off with 22 hard shin kicks and four hard kicks to the underside of both heels, these new sandals are my favorites now, heavy and very hard, they have an authority that none of my other kicking sandals have.
He howled piteously from the sharp pain in his shins he surely learned a lesson this time!

If you want to check out this punishment you can visit my page at the links section.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A hard caning lesson:

One of the most important aspects of a punishment session is that it has to be carried out when there is no anger anymore, that is the main reason I delay his punishment for a later date, it is an arrangement that works very well, the days prior to his session he has to suffer in anticipation because he knows that I will be severe, there's no doubt in his mind that I will be as strict with him as I can and that the punishment will be hard to take.

I am a very sweet and loving woman but I take punishment sessions very seriously, he knows this and he has told me that he dreads them and is very nervous when the time comes.

Playful discipline can be painful but can also be enjoyable, he loves it and enjoys it immensely just as much as I do, and we indulge in it when we feel horny, it is like tabasco sauce to our lovemaking sessions, I am playful, sweet, and loving and occasionaly severe in a playful way.

Punishing a man that enjoys discipline can be tricky, so I made very clear from the very beginning that punishment was going to be carried out in a very serious and real way, I would be a very strict and severe disciplinarienne, he was not going to have the benefit of a safe word, I would be the judge as to how severely and for how long he would be punished, he just had to be very obedient and expect additional punishment for not submiting willingly to his punishment.
That meant that he had to assume the position immediately after I ordered him, and there would be no leniency for moving around, dancing or lifting his legs during a caning.
The penalty for such offenses was receiving additional cuts of the cane or being kicked in his shins with my hard wooden sandals to force him to keep his position.
He always has a very hard time to avoid lifting his legs during a severe caning, he says he can't help it because it hurts him so much.
Unfortunately for him I never show any leniency when he moves, it is punishment time and he has to obey no matter how hard it is for him to comply with my rules, I said no moving and he has to obey or get more punishment, period.

A couple of weeks ago he answered back at me in a very harsh way, I asked him something when he was busy doing some stuff, he has a tendency to do this because he doesn't like to be bothered when he is working on something, I've told him that he has to be more tolerant and answer me politely, still he reacts without thinking, this doesn't happen as often as earlier in our marriage but once in a while he just can't help to react in this way.
I consider this a very serious offense and I always sentence him to a hard caning with the raw hide cane,this cane is heavy and somewhat stiff but the last six inches from the tip down is very flexible and whippy, with a small round rock hard knot at the very tip.
It is my fiercest cane, even harder to take than a rattan cane, he is terrorized of it, and before I start he is already trembling, I love to swish a cane through the air, I do it because I like to hear the sound but also do it for the purpose of instilling fear in him, I love to watch him flinch when he hears the cane swishing close to his butt, it is a nice trick that helps making the caning more fearsome and severe.
My goal is to make him suffer during a punishment session so he learns his lesson well, swishing the cane increases his anguish as he expects the next stroke, his ass cheeks quiver and tremble in fear with occasional anguish moans, and it is a very good way to see if I'm getting my point across to him.

At about 6:30 p.m. while he was watching TV I went to the kitchen to prepare dinner in reality dinner was already prepared I just cleaned up a little and then went to our bedroom to change into a sexy airline stewardess outfit and a pair of eight inch high heel T-Strap sandals with four inch tall platforms, then took the camcorder, new tape and tripod out and went to the spare room that is designated as the punishment room to set the camcorder to record the session.
Next I took his black knit balaclava helmet and I went to our living room and told him to turn off the TV, undress completely, put his clothes on the sofa, put on the black knit balaclava helmet and follow me to the punishment room.
I took him by surprise, he was expecting to be called for dinner but instead it was going to be a friday night punishment, he was expecting a saturday night session though.

When we were at the punishment room everything was already set up and the camcorder running I told him to bend over the chair and I started caning him.
A cane stroke given cold is extremely painful, he started howling right away, this caning took almost eleven minutes, but they were eleven minutes of hell, he was howling brokenly, almost crying and sobbing, it was an intensely painful caning, he started moving around and lifting his feet, I was in a very strict mood so I threatened to cane the soles of his feet if he continued lifting his feet, he did it several times so I caned him in his tender soles, he howled piteously everytime, this is a most painful punishment, after I did this he really started to make a real effort not to move, he was suffering considerably more now.

All in all this one was one hell of a caning, after punishment was over I hold him in my arms and kissed him, all was forgiven.
I lead him to our bedroom to heal his wounds,the cane had cut him in a small area of his right cheek, during a punishment caning I always make sure some welts are cut and bleeding, the aftercare they need give me the opportunity to scold him a little bit more and also serve as a painful reminder for at least one or two days after the caning, on very severe canings of fifteen or more minutes the bleeding is more copious and sometimes blood keeps seeping for a little while and he has to lie on the bed on his stomach for at least twenty minutes until the bleeding stops.

I've included some video captures from the session, the left strip shows a sequence of a cane stroke, to the right in the uppermost frame I'm swishing the cane to make him flinch in anticipation, the three below show me caning the soles of his feet after lifting his legs.

Below is a link to a Rapid Share page where you can download a small clip of my husband getting this severe caning:

"A hard caning lesson video clip"

Sunday, July 30, 2006

My husband's disciplinary regime started since our first day of marriage, it was one of my conditions to tie the knot, we are very compatible, I like to dish out and he loves to receive so one day I made a comment about having a disciplinary regime at our home if we ever got married, he liked the idea very much and he said that it would be a fantasy come true for him.
Playful discipline is one thing and punishment is quite another, when the time came I made very clear to him that I intended punish him for real.
So that is precisely what he gets when he is disrespectul to me or breaks one of my rules, I have read several messages from women who "punish" their husbands by first warming them up with hand spanks. What kind of punishment is that ?

A warm up only makes the punishment more bearable, which contradicts the main goal of a real punishment, warm ups are for playful discipline when you want him to enjoy the caning to follow.

A punishment is always administered cold because I want him to feel the severity of the cane, I make him howl and dance from pain, and he knows that hard kicks in his shins with my platform sandals are the consequences of lifting his legs during a caning.

I am a very sweet and loving wife but during a punishment session I can be the strictest and coldest disciplinarienne, I can be merciless if his fault has been serious as in a disrespectful answer, smoking or procastinating, which he seems to do quite often.

Soon after our marriage I started video taping our punishment sessions because I enjoyed watching his antics under the cane, in fact we both enjoy them immensely afterwards.

I mentioned this video tapes once in someone's yahoo group and I received several requests that I posted small portions of the tapes, which I didn't because we don't want to show our faces, my husband told me that we could do it if I wore a wig and he a mask.
We even opened a yahoo group where I posted small clips of me punishing him, then one member suggested that I opened a store to sell the whole movies of the punishment sessions and even told me where I could do it easily, I told my husband about this and he said that if I opened such a store I would be getting an economical benefit out of his misbehaviour.
It looked ike a fantastic idea so I opened the store and whenever he misbehaves I subject him to a punishment session for the camera, that way we both benefit, he gets his most needed discipline and I get an economical retribution out of his misbehaviour, that's a great deal!